About Me

Welcome! I am Sheba Wheeler, owner and lead shutterbug of Picture Your World Photography. My interest in photography was born out of the tragic and unexpected death of my mother in 2005. Two years later, I bought a Canon Rebel XTi and took my first digital photography class to cope with her loss and reclaim some sense of self. I needed new challenges, a fresh perspective and a positive way to appreciate a world that no longer had my mother in it. Now, photography isn't just my saving grace, but it's a driving passion.

Mom, this is for you -- my promise to be brave, to live.

My 15 years as a reporter at The Denver Post has helped me carve out a photographic specialty in candid, lifestyles portraiture. Candid photography is un-posed and unplanned, immediate and unobtrusive. It focuses on spontaneity and the immersion of a camera within events rather than setting up a staged situation or on preparing a lengthy camera setup. This is in contrast to classic photography, which includes carefully staged portrait photography, landscape photography or object photography. Candid photography catches real moments of life.

When you become my client, rest assured that Picture Your World Photography will be focused on you. Get updates about special promotions and studio news at the Picture Your World Photography Blog and "Like" us on Facebook Business Page.

Now, it's up to you.

How do you want me to... PICTURE YOUR WORLD?

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